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How should we wake up?

Have you ever woken up with the alarm first thing in the morning? Your heart jumps, your mind races with a million thoughts that you need to do this, that and the other and in your mind you’re already late and behind with the day, before it’s even started.
Recognise that feeling?

The problems these days, is that we’re going to bed in a state of stress and waking up in the similar state of mind.
We haven’t learnt yet the importance of a circuit breaker.

Breaking the Vicious Cycle

In an ideal world, we should wake up naturally without an alarm.
When was the last time you experienced one of those mornings when you naturally opened your eyes with no alarm? Maybe that’s why everyone loves a Sunday morning. You can start your day feeling rested, calm.and in control.

How can we make every morning feel like Sunday morning?

The secret is retraining our body and our minds to let this happen naturally.
With 3 easy steps you can wake up without any kind of urgency so you don’t feel confused, disoriented and overwhelmed from the first minute of our day.

First step - Make the time

Start to make the time to implement an early morning and before to bed routine in your life. Start about 30 minutes before you usually rise. That’s all it takes.

Even if I will talk better about all the god before to sleep habits in the next article what I’m saying is that you need just 30 minutes before bed to unwind and you need 30 minutes before you usually wake.
I created a before to bed routine for myself during my week days to prepare my body for a good sleep
For example, about an 30 minutes before bed, I stop using technology and I avoid bright lights. Can’t wait to share it in my the next article

I believe investing that 1 hour into yourself is your perfect modern circuit breaker to chronic stress.

I’m saying that first of all you need is to make the time, so especially during the first 30 days plan your mornings the day before and acknowledge your why.

Your mornings will feel like a success.

The second step is water.

Your body is asking for water when you get up in the morning.
I’m suggesting to drink 2 glasses of water as soon as you get up regenerate you and your body more than you can imagine.

Consciously drink two big glasses of water on empty stomach helps to clean the colon which promotes you to flush out toxins and restore the perfect state of hydration after the night.

Third Step - Breathing

The third step is breathing.

For the next 10-15 minutes focus on your breathe. This is a practice that creates positive changes at the physiological and psychological level.

I’m personally doing this while I’m enjoying the early morning natural sunlight - consciously be still and silent - I observe the quiet nature around me. This can be your reconnection time. Aligning your inner and outer environment and so reframes your present moment.

These early morning routine last at the max about 30 minutes, it can put yourself in a condition of growth and restoration and sets yourself up for success.

This is the idea, wake up a bit before than usual to invest on a bit of time just on yourself, away from work, family to nurture your inner and outer environment .
Remember - our cells respond to the conditions of the environment that we give to them.