Some real stories of life changed through
breathing improvement.

“I started training with Marco two years ago . He has been professional , caring,  and has motivated and inspired me to continue improving. The posture , strength training and breathing techniques  Marco has taught me have helped me immensely.  I can highly recommend him!”


“Marco helped me regain my strength and fitness after 2 surgeries. We used breathing techniques to reduce my heart rate and various strength and conditioning exercises to regain my strength. He is extremely knowledgeable, focused and committed to his work, always looking to improve. Highly recommended.”


“In early 2017 I suffered from debilitating back pain which made any movement extremely difficult and excruciatingly painful.  I was diagnosed with a herniated discs at L4/L5 and L5/S1 which was putting pressure on the L4, L5 and S1 nerves. In a bid to avoid surgery, I was referred to Marco Tesi.  That referral changed my life completely. Marco explained the physiological causes of the pain I was experiencing , and prescribed a series of simple exercises, which involved both movement and breathing.  Part of the process involved unlearning almost everything I thought I knew about posture and strength, including what we think of as core strength. The past 12 months have not been easy, and have demanded focus and dedication to the regime of exercises, which have become increasingly challenging, but I now have freedom from pain, together with strength and stability I have never experienced before.  I have gone from being almost unable to climb the stairs at Marco’s fitness studio, to running up them. Marco is educated and informed, listens actively and is focused on improving my wellbeing and quality of life and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Testament to Marco’s dedication and knowledge is the surprise expressed by one of my health professionals at my range of movement and general overall fitness in these words:  “I’ve seen your scans, I know what’s wrong down there: you shouldn’t be able to move like this”! Well done and thank you Marco. You’ve not only changed my body, you’ve changed my life.”


“Since training with Marco I am more in tune with my body. We have worked together for many months on creating stability and strength. I was previously to training in this way needing weekly visits to the physio and chiropractor, those visits are now few and far between.Thank you to Marcos passion and professionalism he is committed to helping me find the ways to improve my own understanding of how best I can support and strengthen my body.The breath work has had the biggest impact as far as feeling connected it also has great effects on my nervous system, I’m calmer and sleeping better.”


“ I have been working with Marco on a regular basis for the last couple of years. I injured my back in an accident that left me in chronic pain, lacking the confidence to complete even the most basic tasks. What I enjoy about working with Marco is his ability to listen, his expertise and his encouragement. It can be a challenging but it’s always fun. I have been medication free for the last 18 months and have now regained the strength and confidence to take on life’s challenges – thanks Marco “


I have been working with Marco for the past 18 months. I was originally referred to him with a chronic back and hip injury which was preventing me from running. Despite extensive physiotherapy and other rehab training I didn’t experience any improvement until I started working with Marco. His holistic approach and absolute understanding of exercise physiology works miracles. I am back to running three times a week completely pain free. Even better, my body and mindset are stronger than ever. Marco really is “the pain whisperer.”


“Starting my day with my breathing techniques helps me feel more at ease and calm throughout my day. It Is now apart of my routine in the morning and I am Looking forward to developing this skill, as it is providing me with plenty of benefits.”

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