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Marco Tesi

Healing and Support
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“Our world needs a new concept of MAN, who is not scared to show up in the present and be proud to share his own struggles with other men -
This is where we gain the RESPECT that we yearn for and deserve.

It starts among us.”

Marco Tesi
The modern Man and his relative wounded masculine lay in the lost initiatory rituals. These rituals assumed the shape of physical, emotional and spiritual challenges and through them the Boy could mirror himself in the outer world by acknowledging himself within himself.

Now the new Man could take place in the circle, now the new Man could mirror himself in the eyes of his brothers, fathers and great fathers.

Glad to be of service,


Personal Online Consultation

If you need support and guidance, if you are ready to make some serious changes in your life, if you want to dive deeper within yourself, to open within yourself, to let go, to get clarity, to get direction, to understand your wounds and your patterns, it will be an honour to guiding you through your journey and mirror you in a safe way.

  • Spiritual Counselling
  • Body Work & Chakra Balancing
  • Psychic & Energetic Healing
  • Breathe Work & Psychosomatic Healing
  • Earth Grounding Healing Practices
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“How many men manifest a need for recognition
that comes from a feeling of wrongness?

How many men prevent themselves
to show up as who they really are?

How many men close themselves into a world of shame
because of a toxic concept of masculinity
arising from our restless society?”

Marco Tesi



Learn how to inhabit your body.

It is my firm belief that by showing you how to reconnect to your body, you will begin to understand your bodily sensations. This in turn will help you release pent up stress and anxiety that you may be carrying.

As you may know or have heard it said, all of our past experiences throughout our lives have left their traces within our mind, emotions, biology and even in our immune systems. You will learn how to release them through your breath and other embodiment practices.

Where you are sitting or standing right now reading this, your body is the access point to your present moment. Your breath on the other hand, in essence, can create the coherent link between your physical, emotional and spiritual realm that you may be needing to heal.

This is a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit
- your overall wellness.

Once you start to approach your body with curiosity rather than fear, everything shifts.

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“We are not servants, we are facilitators of a primal source, a spirit that exists in everything.”

Marco Tesi

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