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Sound Healing Events

Marco Tesi playing didgeridoo in nature
Sound Medicine cover image with night sky and forest leaves with half of the Earth and a bright yellow flower in the centre and a bright start and rainbow and colibri

Sound Medicine

Sound Healing Journey

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A sensory journey where primordial sounds are combined with specific vibrations and sound frequencies.

Crystal Bowls and Didgeridoos; Rattles and Native American flute; Shamanic Drums and Tibetan Bowls; Rain-stick, Bells-stick and Peruvian Ocarina; Crystal and Bamboo Chimes; Voice.

These are just a few of the ancient instruments that will invite you to merge with each harmonic and sound vibration, a deep introspective profound grounding experience that will facilitate an intimate contact with our physical bodies.

Containers of memories and stories that bind to an emotional frequency that often we resist to access, integrate and ultimately let go.

Here the opportunity for healing to happen, to open our Hearts to a renewed sense of acceptance, to expand our Minds to new perspectives, to shine the light of our consciousness towards what needs our care.

Every instrument in this sound journey is played completely intuitively, so here the invitation to let go any of expectations you might hold from previous sound healing experiences. Glad to welcome you in this sacred Space.

You will experience

When and Where

On Tuesday 24th of May at 7:15pm at the Collective Healing Centre
199-201 King Street, Newtown 2042 NSW (entry via Egan St)
Doors open at 7pm

What to bring

Next steps

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For information you can write at:

About me

Marco has vast experience working in the field of healing arts and generously donates his time and energy to volunteer in bringing healing to the community. He is qualified in integrative breathing techniques, somatic therapies and adaptive embodiment practices for treating trauma and cellular memories.

He is also qualified in psychogenealogy and in the use of the genosociogram as a tool to bring healing in and integrate familial ancestors. He is certified in integral vibrational sound healing and also energy psychic healing with hands or at distance.

Honoured and grateful to be in service,

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