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Sound Healing Events

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Sound Medicine

Sound Healing Journey

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I hope these words find you in Serenity, thanks for your interest in the “Medicine of Sound”.

Join us on Tuesday 21st December for an evening of Sound Healing.

I am honoured and feeling deeply called to offer this simple space where the body can relax, together with its feeling.

In this sense I think about Vibrational Sound Medicine as a tool to open the door to profound feelings that we often judge, interpret and sometimes even blame; thus ending up by crystallizing its flow, through the conditions that we keep placing upon our hearts. Barriers that manifest themselves in our physical, etheric, emotional, mental body.

How is your Breath tonight?

But what is a physical dysfunction if not a lack of communication? A reciprocal communication I mean.
How divided are we within ourselves? And how much do we persist in pursuing Peace outside?

How are you feeling tonight?

I have chosen to combine the vibrations of sound with somatic and energetic practices as a healing tool to merge intimately with our inner world. The only world where change can happen.

Each harmonic contains within itself a vibratory essence that has the power to facilitate a contact with our deepest cellular memories; thus within each journey the possibility of reducing the distances between the inner and outer world that we experience every day, bringing to the light of our consciousness the dynamics of our unconscious, which manifest themselves firstly in our breath and in our flesh.

Healing requires a predisposition to a high level of intimacy with ourselves, so I invite you to approach this journey with the openness and curiosity of a child's eyes.

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About me

Marco has vast experience working in the field of healing arts. He is qualified in integrative breathing techniques, somatic therapies and adaptive embodiment practices for treating trauma and cellular memories. He is also qualified in psychogenealogy and in the use of the genosociogram as a tool to bring healing and integrate family’s ancestors. He is certified in integral vibrational sound healing and also psychic energy healing with hands or at distance.

Honoured and grateful to be in service,

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