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Sound Healing Events

Golden light reflecting on rippling water

Sound Medicine
Sound Healing Journey

An immersive experience where the sound element will be spontaneously and intuitively combined to facilitate harmony on a physical, mental and emotional level through the use of ancestral instruments stemming from  Pacific and Mediterranean cultures, voice and principles of current neuroscience.

Marco Tesi will offer a Sound Healing inspired by Nature, its rhythms and cycles, in deep communion with the collective energies within and outside the circle of people that will create this healing container. This space is therefore an offer and acknoweldgment to Nature and to all the extended family of living beings that Nature embrace day by day. This on itself helps to  shift the individualistic perspectives we are often conditioned from  and to surrender anything we might hold within ourselves to a much wider and comprehensive universal movement.

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Crystal chime coming out of water

After years providing this work even in larger group settings Marco decided to facilitate this curative practice in a more intimate and contained environment of maximum 12 attendees. This comes from the willingness to offer a deep healing environment away from any idea of stage performance, so for sound to be facilitated in between people, closer to people and in certain cases directly on the bodies by following the flow of internal and external energies that take place in each individual within the circle.

All the layers of sound frequencies therefore will flow intuitively and spontaneously at the moment by playing a vast array of instruments like Singing Bowls and Didgeridoos; Rattles and Native American flute; Andean flutes, Shamanic Drums, Rain-sticks and so on.

Sound, exactly like all of life and all the natural elements, has consciousness.
It has the ability to open ourselves to our internal experience of daily circumstances, relationships, emotions, memories and so on. Therefore the application of sound in a therapeutic environment facilitates coherency on a physiological, mental and emotional level by naturally entraining with the nervous system’s cycles, brain waves, intra/extra cellular water and cardiac-respiratory systems.

This state of coherency, or natural resonance, promotes a state of mental clarity from which  refinining our ability to subtly perceive the state of our internal and external reality, therefore giving us the opportunity to rebalance important aspects of the personality that might be unbalanced.

Glad to welcome you in this space.

Golden light reflecting on rippling water
Ripples in water

You will experience

  • An initial body oriented practice to bring awareness to the present moment and whatever you are holding within through the use of breathe work and subtle gentle movements.
  • An hour Sound Journey made of ancient healing sound frequencies to facilitate an introspective experience, perhaps the contact with unconscious memories still present in our body-mind connection.
  • You might experience an emotional release accompanied by physical sensations like waves of cold and warmth, tingling, lightness, openness.
  • You might recall memories under the form of visuals, physical sensations or even clear thoughts.