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Sound Healing Events

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The Medicine of Sound

Primal Movements • Sound Healing • Connection

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I hope these words find you in Peace and Serenity, thanks for your interest in the “Medicine of Sound”.

Join us every first and third Wednesday of the month for an evening of Sound Healing in Sydney at The Bay Room, Double Bay.

This healing journey is born from the realisation that over time the intuitive and energetic-vibrational realm has been strongly repressed within us, thus inhibiting the connection with our Personal Power and Innate Intelligence; which communicates through sensations, emotions, sounds, memories and visions.

By repressing our energetic-intuitive nature we interfere with the infinite possibilities for healing and creation that Life and the Earth we walk upon offer to us.

I choose to combine the vibrations of sound with breath work and light embodiment practices as a tool for healing.

Within each harmonic and sound vibrational essence there is the power to facilitate a contact with our deepest body memories and the too often repressed emotions; thus within each journey the possibility of merging the distances between the inner and the outer world, bringing to the light of our consciousness the patterns and dynamics of our unconscious realm, which live first of all in our breath and body.

Healing requires the predisposition to a high level of intimacy with ourselves, therefore I invite you to approach this journey with the openness and curiosity of the eyes of a child.

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About me

Marco has vast experience working in the field of intuitive, energetic and vibrational arts. He is also qualified in somatic therapies and adaptive embodiment practices for trauma and complex PTSD, and has also completed studies in vibrational sound healing.

In service and gratitude,

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