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Men's Circle

Marco Tesi Men's Circle facilitation

We are here to meet you wherever you are.

Along the path holding space, learning Trust, experiencing Courage we celebrate the Truest expression of who we are.

We welcome men in this supportive container to come back into alignment with the true meaning of Brotherhood, as also to reframe a new concept of courage and strength that is grounded in our ability to vulnerably and truthfully show up in the present.

SUN SPIRIT 6 month healing initiation for men cover

Starting January 2023

I am so grateful to introduce you to this new upcoming journey SUN SPIRIT - A 6 month Healing Initiation for Men.

This program will go deep into ancestral and childhood healing, bringing a profound sense of care
towards the dissonance of unresolved childhood and intergenerational trauma that consequently ripples through our present adult life circumstances, relationships, behaviours and habits, but also more prominently in our physical state of health.

There is a particular magic in being able to access those intimate, sometimes fragile, places of our being in an environment of brotherhood that has the intention to minimise the distances among Men.

The main goal of this program is to provide a support structure for men

and to reframe a new concept of courage and trust grounded in our ability to truthfully show up while honouring the realm of our feelings where our most concealed insecurities often stem from.

This space is built upon qualities like
(the ability to self-reflect about any circumstances and triggers that might be explored within sacred space to see and understand our projections and compulsive reactions)
Kind Communication.

Men's Circle laying on hands
Marco Tesi Men's Circle facilitation

The circle is open to a maximum of 12 men

who are willing to seriously commit to this journey of self-healing through all its duration.

This journey is comprised of 4 different units with 3 circles in each unit to allow a deep dive into the
different yet unexplored layers of our being and so to emerge with a renewed sense of trust, safety and freedom.

I hope to have you among us and to share sacred space with you.

Much Love