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Men's Circle

Marco Tesi Men's Circle facilitation

We are here to meet you wherever you are.

Men's Circle Ritual of Reconnection banner

Starting January 2024

Greetings beautiful people,
I am so grateful to introduce you to this new upcoming healing journey dedicated to Men.

The main goal of this program is to provide a support structure for men, and to reframe a new concept of brotherhood and courage grounded in our ability to truthfully show up while honouring the realm of our feelings from which sometimes our most concealed insecurities stem from.

More specifically this program will bring a profound sense of care towards the dissonance of unresolved memories (intergenerational and from early stages of life) that often ripples throughout our present adult life circumstances, relationships, behaviours and habits, as also in our physical state of health.

Rituals of Reconnections is a journey comprising of 7 gatherings

In each circle we will engage with different somatic emotional healing practices.

The use of voice and ancient sounds will be prominent during all the circles. We will also work with specific breathing techniques depending on the areas of the healing process that we want to stimulate, all will be coupled with elements of hands on body work to create a full sensorial experience.

The aim is to firstly promote a sense of grounding to safely welcome any defence built around unresolved memories, so to patiently begin opening up to them.

Men's Circle laying on hands
Marco Tesi Men's Circle facilitation

This space is built upon qualities like

(the ability to self-reflect about any circumstances and layer that will be explored within the space)
and Kind Communication.