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“It is my hope to create a space for
a higher level of consciousness and being
that will transform lives
as well as hearts.”

Marco Tesi
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With over 10 years of experience, I have created a holistic treatment that includes unique breathing and movement techniques to retrain your body and mind in achieving better health.

In 2009, I received a Bachelor degree in Sport Science, in my beloved Italy, before receiving my Master in Sport and Human Health Development in 2013.

I’m helping people to see, feel and implement through facing their challenges, spiritual, emotional and physical.

By working on myself with the help of my mentors along the way, I discovered the essence of my healing practice. I now have the opportunity to educate others in something that deeply nourishes and inspires me, it reflects my own innate capabilities myself and make me inspired, it reflects my own innate capabilities to listen, empathise and care.

In the last five years I have now guided more than 300 people, but let's take a step back . . .

. . . I have had to find so much courage to go out and talk with other men about me, my shadows, my
failures and the way I live my spirituality. It has taken and still takes courage, an openness, that
sometimes I still miss.

It is a natural drive within me to want to open up a space for hope and awareness.
Exactly like me, there are so many men out there who are also wanting to work on themselves and their
spirituality. It is my hope to create a space whereby we can speak freely, feel truly heard and
expand our consciousness without fear or shame. A light gathering for those who seek it, to find
their way through to wholeness.

4 years ago I stepped onto Australian ground for the first time. I left Italy after having a successful
background in sports coaching, filled with pride about my career.

Even working within a team for many years, I didn’t know the real meaning of Brotherhood until a
year ago. Actually, the saying “Be a man, deal with it and suck it up” was all I knew about the
concept of being a man and brotherhood.

During those nights, a lot of shadows knocked on my door. Even while in
mental and emotional pain, I noticed I wasn’t able to cry. I couldn’t even remember the last time I

I was feeling alone and isolated inside this raw reality.

I was missing true connection rather than superficial validations from friends and colleagues. I
was missing myself and my own intimacy.

Fear of losing with an inability to open, feeling that I was not enough, unable to give love
because I was unable to trust myself and this left me feeling scared. The only way I knew how to
define my masculinity was from the success of my career. I used to seek out and find so many
places within my mind to hide from myself.

I didn’t have any sense of direction, and as a man without purpose -
I completely lost my masculinity.

The day I registered that I was embodying my suppressed emotional reality, was the day I was
finally able to take charge of it and make radical changes in my life.

How many men manifest a need for recognition that comes from the feeling of
wrongness? How many men prevent themselves to show up as who really they are?
How many men close themselves into a world of shame because of a toxic concept
of masculinity arising from our restless society?

I started to see how many Men that were in the same vicious cycle
that I experienced before - without even knowing it!

After a long journey within myself, I now see myself as a support and guide for all men who are
struggling with these same old problematic situations and feelings of wrongness.

I realized again that it wasn’t their fault! They just needed a safe place of Brotherhood to finally
truly share who they are and where they were coming from, allowing them to embody the real
essence of their sacred masculinity.

Together let's create change.

Let's Have a CHAT
Marco Tesi

Glad to be of service,