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About Me

Marco Tesi is a facilitator of healing by helping people to integrate physical sensations and symptoms, emotions and feelings, repressed memories and repeated unconscious patterns in the wholeness of their being.

In 2011 he obtained a master’s degree in “Adapted and Preventive Motor Activities”. After years helping people who were facing chronic pain conditions his curiosity led him to explore and work in the field of psychosomatics, so as to deepen the existing communication between body, emotions, psyche, breath and traumatic memories.

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Marco is qualified in integrative breathing techniques, massage therapy and adaptive embodiment practices. He is also qualified in psychogenealogy and in the use of the genosociogram as a tool to bring healing within family's dynamics and in a deeper way in respect to unresolved intergenerational memories. He is a certified sound healer and the use of Ancient Sounds and voice is central to the service that he offers during one on one treatments as also healing circles.

Nowadays Marco offers sensorial experiences as a work of  healing that involves the conscious use of breath, touch, massage, aromas and ancient healing sound frequencies for treating repressed traumatic memories and post traumatic stress disorders in a multidisciplinary approach that merge neuroscience with ancient spiritual practices.