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“It is my hope to create a space for
a higher level of consciousness and being
that will transform lives
as well as hearts.”

Marco Tesi


Marco Tesi is a facilitator in accompanying people along the way of the Heart, through feeling and integrating the circumstances of the present.

From a young age he nurtured his interest and curiosity in the biological processes of the physical body, and in 2011 he obtained a master’s degree in Sport Science. Over time his curiosity led him to explore and work in the field of psychosomatics; the communication existing between the body, emotions, psyche and breath.

Breath in particular has led him to discover the vast space of the Heart, opening up an immense healing ground that to this day allows him to walk among the seeds of memories and daily life.

Marco now lives in Sydney, Australia; that red earth that 5 years ago welcomed him and marked the beginning of a profound transformation process. It is from here that he facilitates circles of men with the aim of accompanying them towards the opening of the heart, to encounter themselves, this being the foundation of healthy masculinity.

He is available for both men and women in one on one sessions. If you need support and guidance, if you want to dive deeper within yourself, to open within yourself, to get clarity and direction, to understand your wounds and your patterns, Marco is in service.

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Marco Tesi

Glad to be of service,