Breathe to Heal

Tamarama Surf Club | Sunday 26’th May 2019

“Reconnecting with the True Power and hidden health benefits of your Breath, is something that All of us should do.”

Marco Tesi, Respiro.

A little more about your host

Breathe to Heal, has been specifically created and brought to you by Marco Tesi, who is a highly experienced Exercise Physiologist and Health Practitioner with over 10 years experience in his field. In his daily practice, Marco helps people that have fallen-foul of the modern day frenetic lifestyle and helps them retrain their bodies & minds into achieving better health, as well as a deeper connection toward life through his unique holistic approach.

A word from Marco

Come join us for a day of nourishing Conscious Breath at the iconic Tamarama Beach. The beautiful surrounding gardens, white beach sands and sound of the ocean crashing on the rocks, is sure to soothe your soul and calm your nerves.

It is my firm belief that by showing you how to reconnect to your body, you will begin to understand your bodily sensations. This in turn will help you release pent up stress and anxiety that you may be carrying. As you may know or have heard it said, all of our past experiences throughout our lives have left their traces within our mind, emotions, biology and even in our immune systems. You will learn how to release them through your breath.  

Where you are sitting or standing right now reading this, your body is the access point to your present moment. Your breath on the other hand, in essence, can create the coherent link between your mind and body that you may be needing to heal.  

Breathing is something we just naturally do. All day, everyday. The thought of reconnecting to ones breath is not something that a person would necessarily ever think about. Why would they? After all, we are all already living so we must all be breathing, right?

These are all natural questions, however…once you discover for yourself the many ways in which you can alter the chemistry of your body through deliberate and focused breath? You will be awakened to the incredible amazing possibilities that will open up to you. Not only for your health, but as a holistic approach to mind, body and breath - your overall wellness.

Tamarama Beach is truly the perfect environment to discover and learn the techniques of deliberate, structured and focused breath. The powerful sound of the ocean and close link with nature will help facilitate the process of reconnecting to your body, and especially the way you move. Learning these simple yet very effective techniques, can create health benefits that perhaps you may have previously not known about or have never experienced before.

What you will learn at Breathe to Heal?

Part 1 | The Challenge
- Challenges of Modern Life
- Stress to Inflammation (How acute becomes chronic)
- Lose Your Body, Lose Yourself (Learn how your body keeps score)

Part 2 | The Solution
‍- Your Body Keeps Score (Reconnect with your body)
- Body, Mind and Emotions (The Magic Circle & how it works)
- Breathing Techniques (Learn simple techniques that will change your chemistry, movements & mind)

How will you know if this is for you?

- If you are having health challenges that seem to never go away
- If you are Experiencing anxiety, bouts of PTSD or panic attacks
- If you are wanting to improve the quality of your life
- If you are looking for a Proven System that would enable you to boost your health and vitality quickly

If you answered yes to any one or more of these questions, please come and
join me at Breathe to Heal. Let me guide you through what could possibly be
the most important step that you will ever take.

When and where?

Date: Sunday 26’th of May 2019
Venue: Tamara Surf Club|Beachfront|Sydney
Welcoming: 9h30 - Join us for coffee and snacks before we begin
Starting: 10h00
Ending: 11h00

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