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Module 3: The Warrior

The Warrior calls us to be courageous in the face of our vulnerability, erect in the capability to keep walking within the space of our integrity. In certain term it calls us to claim our personal power by re-establishing our place in the world in order to make this planet a better place.

It requires our capability to identify which aspects of our lives are in alignment with us or not and to try with discipline and small daily actions to change. In simple words it require for us to know ourselves. Not an easy job when our being keep on rebelling to never felt wounds often buried from our unconscious behaviours, thoughts forms and patterns.

How do I know if I live a life in alignment with my heart? How do I know if I live a life in respect of the universal values of this Earth? How do I know if I’m not aware of my personal wounds, patterns or perpetration I have been living into. How do I live my limits and which relationship do I have with them? What’s my perception of boundaries and how can I gain clarity around the concept of setting personal healthy boundaries in the context of social dynamics, but also more importantly in relation to the natural law s of this Earth we are part of?

In reflection of these question I personally like the concept of Vulnerable Courage that dwells in every pure real Warrior of Light. The one who is not scared to explore the vastness of his inner being by bringing the quality of stillness, introspection and self-reflection into his life. Qualities not often well praised in this fast often narcissistic society.

The Warrior is calling for the responsibility for our actions. For the doing, for the mission that is expressed in making daily action from a good awareness of one's identity, of one's essence. At this point the Warrior can protect boundaries by carrying out courage and discipline starting from a clear “I am”.

Finally, the Warrior defends and helps others, treats others as he would like to be treated: Respect.

And again how do I know where Respect lies if I don’t know when I have been un-respectful for others? That’s why the journey of the warrior is such a humbling path in order to don’t allow our instincts and unconscious reactions to lead us out of presence among the circumstances we are travelling into. So, in respect of what I have been saying, in respect of the concept of mission, integrity and daily actions is important to underlying that The Warrior is in service of a Lineage of Light that goes far beyond its existence, sense of identity and ego. This lineage of Light of passes through its body ones that the warrior engage in a deep deep purification process, so to become a pure vessel and instrument of Peace.

That’s why I thought for this module to invite you to engage in a 21 days body mind purification journey.

The Warrior's Shadow lies by relying unconsciously on the hero/perpetrator/victim cycle, it does it in response to the need to feel like a “warrior”. The downside of all this is the belief that it's not okay to just be human. We have to prove that we are better than others. The Warrior wants to be the best by creating dynamics of inferiority and superiority, domination and submission, success and failure.

We can use our power to improve the world or gain control over others. The problem many times lies in the fact that so many Warriors are not as such, but essentially innocent wounded humans who appease their sense of lack of power by trying to outclass or control others. Pseudo-Warriors.

The Warrior who integrated the healthy and evolved Inner Child within himself does not fall into the trap of fighting for anything but only for what is really close to his heart.

In the end the Warrior helps us find a sense of individuality, without a healthy Warrior it will be difficult to find a sense of identity. The warrior is the one who mind borders and protects the first blossoming of the Inner Self. The Warrior will make dreams through discipline, the warrior is also the one who decide to retire for awhile to lick his wounds, to heal, and return to the world stronger than before.

In this sense the Warrior is self-discipline, control of one's impulses and feelings, and courage. The courage to face inner demons, an attitude that will allow us to face circumstances with intelligence, wisdom and patience.

In fact, the most skilled Warriors are those who in today's society are not even recognised as “warriors”; at the highest levels in fact victory is achieved without overpowering upon others, especially, without the humiliation of anyone. Peace.

In conclusion, the Warrior knows that we can save the world from destruction, and beyond that build an enlightened society. To do this we must not only have courage but also Compassion.