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“We need to change the outdated paradigms
that we hold in our minds towards masculinity
about what it actually means
to be a MAN.”

Marco Tesi


Men’s Circle - Online Seminar

Calling all the Men,
Calling all the Men who feel
and all the Men who think they are not feeling.

This time is challenging us to eradicate the paradigm of the masculine unable to seek support or ask for help, to cry for anger or for love, to express our shadows and our qualities.
The intention here is to create Medicine for all the Men out there.

In the past, during periods of heavy uncertainty men used to gather together in circles as they knew that fear was both a teacher and premonition which it had to be welcome and transform with the Union of the community, for the safety of the community.

Calling all the Men to not close themselves in the walls of their hearts.

Calling all the Men to come back together.

I seek to live in a culture where it’s okay to acknowledge that we have made mistakes. Currently, such a confession is a sign of weakness. I want to create an environment where we can acknowledge what we have done and not be blamed or shamed for it.

It is my vision to create for us a sacred space where we can learn, heal and grow from sharing our experiences openly without blame or shame.

I welcome you to join us and become a part of this revolutionary movement.

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Abbonamento mensile


al mese

“Our world needs a new concept of MAN,
who is not scared to show up in the present
and be proud to share his own struggles with other men -
This is where we gain the RESPECT that we yearn for and deserve.
It starts among us.”

Marco Tesi

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Your generosity is greatly appreciated and allows this sacred work to continue.