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Monthly Archetype

Marco Tesi
August 2020

We can embody The Warrior only through the heart, with the aim to be in service of our true essence.

A service that truly begins only when we come into alignment within ourselves; that is, our shadow and light. From the integration of our own shadows rises The Light Warrior. You guessed it, the month of August will dive deep into our shadows and projections.

The Warrior is about integrity and communication with ourselves and others, The Light Warrior which illuminates boundaries after a deep journey into his own deepest shadows.

Even the Sun creates shadows, acknowledging them is the first requirement to become a Warrior of Light, a King that leads from the heart.

A Shadow Warrior is the man who doesn’t listen to himself or others, and by not having a clear sense of his light and shadows he can consistently project his own shadows to others.

This is a concept that Daniel Meurois explain really well in these few lines:
“Our degree of coherency is measured from the ratio between the inner world of our being and his outer environment. We must embody this in order to avoid the great malady of the modern man: the victimhood.”

Ultimately The Warrior teaches us about direct and open communication, and also about clear daily actions which work as a clear reference point in our daily lives.

If The Lover tells you about your essence, then it is your Warrior who protects that essence by creating the background to manifest your purpose in the world.

The Warrior asks you: What do we do today? What is this action going to serve?

The Light Warrior is a man with a clear understanding of his gifts and qualities, a man with a clear understanding of his day by day actions and desires.

If your Warrior would talk:
“I am The Warrior sitting at the door of your heart, I am the brazier of your fire. I am in service to protect it in a way that your life will be saved and your realm still intact. I am the anvil and the hammer, the daily simple action that forges your instruments. I don’t know any emotions, that’s why you need to nourish me with Love.

I am your partner who lives in service and I ask you to grant me permission to live in the shelter of your heart, otherwise in a land of solitude I will go forward looking for Love inexorably fighting endless ghosts.

I live in defence of Love and my home is your Heart, all that I ask of you is for a bed.”

In service