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Monthly Archetype

Marco Tesi
July 2020

The sense of aliveness within ourselves, the ignition fire of our vision and purpose.

The Essence, the truest part of ourself that brought us in this world, in this life and play through our childhood through the Lover.

An embodied lover is passionate but with clear boundaries, clarity, consistency and discipline.

The Lover gets direction from the Father. Our inner child is protected by our ability to self-father.

In numerology the Lover relates to numbers 2 and 3, the sprouting seed, a project on which the first step has been taken. 2 and 3 represents the doubt between action and inaction of the child, a passage that must be taken and must be experienced as we learn to play our role before we go on the big stage. In order to realise itself the 3 must pass to 4. A purpose, an action, a desire which is stable and anchored in the material world, on Earth.

Inform your purpose of who you are.

This is the place where we look at the boy within us and ask what he needs. The foundation of toxic masculinity is in this archetype, we came into the world in our true essence but then we learn to armour ourselves in order to sit in the playground.

A shadow lover can show up with addiction in the need to seek pleasure, sex, drugs, food … but also the depressed man who doesn’t know anymore how to access the love within himself.

The inflated lover is addicted and has no perception or discipline about when to stop seeking pleasure, he constantly seeks pleasurable moments and he fakes them with drugs and food when he doesn’t have the opportunity for sex or emotional release. Basically he avoids commitment because we know that commitment is the foundation of discipline.

The deflated lover is depressed and cut off from his own passion. He would prefer to dream about how life could be, rather than confronting and taking charge of it.

The Lover sits between the Father and the Warrior.

In service,