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Monthly Archetype

Marco Tesi
May 2020

Are we open enough to receive love and life?

The Great Mother Archetype is the first Archetype of this initiatory journey as it is through the integration of this Archetype that we can fully embody our masculine essence. The Great Mother is the greatest Archetype which includes all the other Archetypes.

The Archetype that represents life, abundance, connection with the feminine energy, our ability to receive … and I can receive as I’m stable on my feet, as I’m safe, and so here I can thrive.

At an emotional level it correlates with the relationships we have with our biological Mother and with money. Our relationships with food and the nourishment we had and we sensed during our first days of life.

Ultimately it often happens that we never had our adult initiation represented in the separation from the Mother in the world, the initiation where we become self-sourced Men.

But again what is your relationship with the Earth and with the women in your life? This is also the place to ask for forgiveness, not from yourself, but forgiveness from the feminine.

Finally the Great Mother relates to the invisible spirits of Nature, the elementary spirits of the Fire, the Earth, the Water and the Air.

With the aim to deepen our roots, to creates solid foundations, to restore our relationship with the feminine in our life we will  strengthen our connection with each of the four elements of the Mother Earth during the month of May.

During this first month we will connect more intimately with this energy and the Spirit of the Mother Earth, with the aim to heal our relationships with the feminine within us and in our life, to initiate into the new era of healthy, present Masculinity.