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Monthly Archetype

The Destroyer
June 2021
Marco Tesi

We have so many ways of numbing ourselves against the experience, then when we wake up everything can become really scary. Along our journey we will encounter fears and pain, whose transformation leads us to live the Journey as an Initiation. Which can be perceived as a Death.

The awareness of death can free us from the obsessive desire for power, fame, success, reminding us of what really matters.

But how many things do we deny in our existence? How many times we approach to the "sacred" from a childish attitude that wants to satisfy only our needs? So that the excessive concern for safety leads us to deny death, making us extremely at the mercy of him, the Destroyer.

However, inscribed in our Spirit there is the attraction for Death, as it represents transformation. Accessing mysteries and higher awareness always requires an encounter with terror, by recognising that reality is not always beautiful, orderly and in "power" of men.

The Destroyer - when he arrives leaves a deeper footprint along the path than the Orphan, the Destroyer can hit people at the top of their lives, with well structured identities. This doesn’t happen as a punishment but speaks more about renewal transformation which manifests itself in its inherent ability to make room. Acceptance allows us to experience consciousness, leading us to realise the purpose of a given circumstance rather than the cause.

During these confronting experiences many times the walls collapse and we succumb to cynicism, however when we can define the experience we can let the old man go and open up to a new authenticity. Many times this experience comes at the moment when we are able to face what is no longer needed from us.

The Destroyer teaches a very great value. Humility.

Being willing to sacrifice part of us for the good of the Earth, of the community and of ourselves. We free ourselves from attachment so that we can remain faithful to our Journey.
The Destroyer becomes our ally; at the moment we learn to give up things without rejecting the pain that comes with it. It is precisely here that transformation and liberation takes place.

The Destroyer makes us humble by also realising that at least once in our lives we will assume the role of the Destroyer towards someone else. There will come a time when we may be hurting or cheating someone else, We become perverse when we refuse to admit our responsibility for the pain we can cause - and we all do it one way or another.

When we fail to develop this ability of the self, we won’t stop our destructive behaviour towards others and ourselves.

If the energy of the Seeker invites us to ascend, the energy of the Destroyer invites us to descend into our depths, and to integrate our capacity for both creation and destruction.
Accessing consciousness requires our willingness to die, which brings us TO LOVE, and through this experience the birth of the Self takes place.

The Seeker
May 2021
Marco Tesi

The Journey, becoming real.
Research always starts with an ambition. Maybe we feel discomfort within us, alienated or empty. We often do not even know what we are looking for, but we yearn for something.

The authentic Seeker always responds to a call that comes from the Heart; to an outward impulse or even…an upwards invitation to realise that desire for expansion in consciousness and therefore, liberation.

We are all attracted from the unknown even if we show fear of uncertainty, and this instinct motivates much of our research into our lives; many times however whatever we achieve or discover is never enough.
No love, no work, no place will give us the heaven and the inner peace that we yearn for.

The moment we become real and give birth to our true self we can satisfy this research.

At first we project this desire towards an external paradise, then along the path we realise that everything responds to an expansion of our consciousness beyond our egoic boundaries and limits.
This recalls the eternal battle between adaptation and rebellion, conformity and authenticity.

The invitation can reach us at the beginning of our adulthood or childhood. Moment of travel, study and experience.
The healthy self can respond with excitement, in the same way when the development of the self is less complete we can instead be lacking in courage on starting the adventure.
As young adults we seek our true vocation, sincere love, the place where we like to live; however, around mid life these questions start to come back. Where have I been so far?

Many times this question brings up discomfort.

Travel can become a source of conflict with real possibilities, children, work, mortgage, parental care. And so starting another life seems impossible.

We start by conforming to please, we continue by securing our income and prestige, we could potentially keep trying to "win" friends and family; but at the end this adaptation creates a tension between what is inside us and how we behave.

This tension is indispensable for evolution. We can be conformist, by being the only ones who know about our individuality, or we can be rebels and be defined by the contrast with the "norm" in place. In both cases we are defined entirely by the environment in progress.

In fact, the invitation here works on a deeper level, it doesn’t speak of a desire for external realisation and validation as in the young adult, but recalls a more significant way of living.
To open up our Heart and grow we essentially have to let go of the experiences and references about the world we know.

So we detach our research from the need to do and understand to encounter our true authenticity -- within us and in the outside world.

The search for our own art, that place where we can meet God, our inner God. The Seeker does not stop in front of anything in order to find the truth, he will be willing to let go of attachment to let go things, people, relationships and situations.

In the shadows the seeker manifests himself in pride, in the obsessive spiritual ambition that separates us from others rather than actually make all of us closer. In fact, it is often only our ambitions of the self that motivate a spiritual journey, thus feeding pride and presumption.

Authentic research is the invitation of the Spirit to go through rebirth and transformation, to die to the old and to be reborn to the new.