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Monthly Archetype

November 2020
Marco Tesi

The point of access to the outside, our way of contributing to the world around us, and therefore the responsibility towards everything that will come after us; through recognition, acknowledgment and communication, The Steward, the custodian is able to leave a legacy.

A legacy that is healthy, safe and free from status quo.

It is the space where all other archetypes are centred. The Steward, the guardian that points to our shadows when we feel out of alignment, and yet his role is to recognize and communicate in a way that reinforces our soul’s call.

The Steward contributes to the collective space by embracing his own internal wholeness and integrity, this happens through our willingness to grow and our willingness to accept.

When the steward is in alignment, not only do we grow but even all the people around us will expand, his life’s purpose is not centred in his ego but in his soul.

The Steward lives in the centre; in a space that talks about authenticity and our ability of taking care.

Without a steward who lives in alignment, our performance towards others and with the self is greatly affected, there is a very big difference between caring and survival of the fittest. The Steward communicates and implements his tools within The King in a way that the latter can interact with the surrounding world.

In a very similar way to The King; The Steward can show himself in his shadows as the one who refuses to make decisions by delegating responsibilities to circumstances or others. On the other hand, it can show up in a way that makes decisions extremely meticulously in order to respect a certain status quo, structure or self-perception.

If you have a tendency to stay safe all the time, which is the root of the previous shadows, your challenge for this month is to take small risks in how you interact with your daily routine; break the constraints you have created to aspire to a broader paradigm and vision of your self.

Next archetype ... the Lunar Man.

In service