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Monthly Archetype

The Sage
November 2021
Marco Tesi

The Sage is the One Who Understands. The journey of the sage is the path of discovering the truth - about oneself and the world around him.
“Knowing the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.”

The moment of greatest freedom in life is the awareness of truth, which gives clarity and disperses confusion thus indicating us the direction. It is the moment when a person reaches the bottom through certain addictions and learning through this circumstance that he needs help and support to heal; as also a man who recognizes how much his egocentric personality has prevented him from authentically and deeply living in a certain relationship.

The Sage recognizes that we are always more or less conditioned by our projections; when our inner Sage is activated we embody the willingness to arrive at a kind of objective truth that overcomes our limited personal projection.
It is something we can contact in stillness mediation, sitting behind our thoughts, emotions and desires; by simply observing our selves and our actions; thus strengthening our capability to contemplate without getting involved in the most pressing needs or problems.

Thus The Sage realizes that we are not our thoughts and emotions; the Sage tells us:
Everything Changes, Everything Always Changes.
Which leads us to a great sense of humility; by acknowledging his own absolute subjectivity, The Sage becomes aware that each of us is a small part of a wider reality.

Everything changes, everything will always change - so The Sage begins to realize, based on what was said in the previous paragraph, that there is no absolute reality, Perhaps our growth comes at the moment we realize that there are no absolutes.

An understanding that requires detachment or rather contemplation without attachment to our thoughts and emotions. This attitude gives space and makes us realize that we are not defined by our ideas and emotions - this space that is created speaks of the fundamental ability to let go of our grip to let the truth enter our lives as a gift. It talks about receptive movement towards faith and wisdom.

Have you ever listened to the Wind? Have you ever brought attention to your Breath and its messages? In fact, The Sage does not struggle to know, but deepens to understand the truth in respect to every situation. This requires renouncing the illusion and being totally sincere about the truth of each moment – about our hopes, fears, weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

The Sage leads to the knowledge of Ourselves, and so to become the Masters of ourselves.

The shadow Sage lives in complete detachment from reality when we rely too much on our rational processes in order to understand reality, when we rely on the search for meaning in every experience we live, thus forgetting to make room for feelings, thus becoming cold, cynical, insensitive to life.

The sage can then become obsessed with the perfection, the truth and rightfulness of his own behaviours without tolerance towards natural human emotions and weaknesses. In this sense we can feel cold, empty and perhaps defensive about the circumstances of life.

The Sage's greatest achievement, however, is to have learned to stop fighting with life and to have faith in its processes. Learning to love and engage without attachment. That is, to love without relying on their approval, to love our work without attachment to the results, to express our voice and truth today without denying that tomorrow a different truth, perhaps wider and greater might arrive.