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Monthly Archetype

October 2020
Marco Tesi

Direction, community, abundance, but above all presence.

Direction in life; how does our purpose relate to the outside world? How is our light reflected in the outside and dual world?

The King serves exactly as a pivot point, as a conductor between the inner and outer world, between individual and collective space, between vision and purpose.

In this sense the King takes the vision of The Magician, the mission of The Warrior, the essence of The Lover and acts as a director. The King is the conductor, the King makes the decision, the King is the boss; he is entitled of that by his intrinsic ability to live the present moment.

By the ability to live in the present, the King not only directs but essentially acts as a leader who listens to the parts, an omniscient narrator able to shed light not only inside but also on what surrounds him.

The King speaks to us about collective purpose, in a way that the community can benefit from our own presence, our own decisions. Having said that, this archetype is very close to the figure of the Great Father, both of which support and assist the community towards achieving common goals. A guide that provides a safe home for himself but also for others. A leader, not a dictator.

This is precisely where the King's shadow resides, in his narcissistic need for power, control and domination over others; in this spectrum is the King who acknowledges no one but himself, not even his own children. Living in fear of losing power he never recognises the truth of others, he carries the belief that vulnerability is weakness. He's a tyrant, and his ego is completely out of control.

On the other side we find a King who struggles enormously to make decisions, a King who does not show his true power for fear of taking responsibility for his own decisions. This King will be surrounded by a Magician who judges, a Warrior who creates conflicts, and a Lover who ignores his own reality. In the end we can say that he lives in fear of hurting himself and others when he finds himself manifesting his own power.

We can see how these parts find a common feature in the lack of presence, these shadows also speak to the lack of a receptive and open feminine side.

Lacking introspective work, only through which a man can access his feminine side and allow him to access the intimate knowledge of the self.

Finally, our King in the fulfilment of his collective purpose speaks and asks for advice from our inner Queen, who lives within us.