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Monthly Archetype

The Magician
October 2021
Marco Tesi

The Magician has the power to transform reality by changing Consciousness. The Sovereign takes responsibility for the symbiotic role they have with their kingdom, the Magician heals the wounded Sovereign.
The Andean tradition defines magic as the ability to change consciousness at will; by using all the techniques of expansion of consciousness and psychic development. Essential in this process is the ability to command:
“Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.”

The Magician is a healer, and heals with his own essence; affirming that one's personal power and vocation results in the most basic type of Magic: we transform and grow and in the process we enrich the world.
The Magician calls us to put order in our inner world, he is aware of his own relationship with the whole that surrounds him, he is finally aware of his own magnetic field that attracts toward us the experiences that are connected with our inner reality.

The Magician leads us to a sense of relationship with the whole and the understanding that what is within us contains everything that is outside of us. The level of consciousness and our vibrations have the power to cause healing, and gradually this wave affects others and the surrounding reality.

This implies our willingness to travel to another world, beyond common daily consciousness, to enter altered states where we can access our unconscious and shadow parts and begin to create movements on that plane with the aim to actually create and influence our surrounding reality (as we have already seen in the archetype of the Creator).
The Magician, however, is fully aware when he enters these planes of reality, consciously creating interactions with this realm; an example is that of a lucid dreaming as the reality of many healing rituals. Change Consciousness at Will.

By accessing these states many people can open themselves to the knowledge of things they did not know they could know. Access to the subconscious to discover that there is some sort of information that rationally we cannot access, hence our ability to transform, especially what is no longer helpful to our kingdom.

How to transform? The Magician has the power to name, it is in fact the way we define what happens to us that determines our life experience. The magician helps us to find the story that faithfully denotes our life, but above all that give respect to it.

Whenever we name to belittle ourselves or others we do black magic, and this is the first shadow of the Magician. The power to name is the power to reshape in a certain sense, really difficult in a society that often nourishes the impulse to criticise ourselves and to see ourselves as sick, clumsy, inept etc.

However, our ability to name, our ability to transform is related to the capacity to feel; so that even the greatest pain does not become a form of attachment but a tool to bestow compassion and deep self-respect. In order that all the pain does not manifest itself in a blockage of our vitality and spontaneity.

The shadow Magician manifests himself as the one who denies his inner power; the same power which allows him to transform himself. In fact the less we deny our power and the more we risk being possessed by this energy in the shadow form and so to use it unconsciously. An example would be to diminish others power; or to be secretly content for the sorrows of others.
Power does not want to be denied. And perhaps the most transformed power of the Magician is to transform through the forgiveness of oneself and others.

The Sovereign
September 2021
Marco Tesi

No one can become a leader without first embarking on a journey, and the journey is often considered a preparation to consciously command. At the time we become sovereign by taking full responsibility for our lives – not only for our inner reality but also for the way in which that reality is reflected externally.

The Sovereign is a symbol of completeness and self-attainment. The Sovereign is whole in that he unifies the knowledge of youth to that of the mature age, keeping them in a balanced dynamism. When this balance is broken, it is necessary to embark on a new journey.

The Sovereign also embraces the integration of the masculine and feminine within us, an androgynous symbol of the alchemy transformation of all the parts within us, including lights and shadows.

When the Sovereign is integrated and in action we are not afraid to recognise that our kingdom reflects us. So if ours realm is continuously attacked and invaded it means that our Warrior does not protect borders. If our kingdom is repulsive and hostile it is because our Caregiver is asleep. Conversely, when the kingdom flourishes, it is synonymous of inner integrity.

The Sovereign has the virtue of acting on the physical plane, he must be able to live with the world as it is, without allowing himself to have illusions, not even on his own account.
Responsibility in the same way does not mean that we must feel guilty, but rather contemplate the fact that we have the power to take initiative.

It is an archetype that many are afraid of, and here comes the first shadow of the Sovereign, letting others make the decisions for our fate. The capacity of discernment in the process of making decisions is fundamental for a Sovereign so to not fall into decisions based exclusively on the needs of our ego. The Sovereign asks for an elevation, and a continuous consultation with the Spirit so that our decisions reflect our innermost and deepest consciousness. We will be the first to live differently, as this will create a wave effect that will affect the kingdom around us.

The Sovereign governs and maintains, it is a leader who identifies with the community by harmonizing personal desires and aspirations with those of others. In deciding, they also think of the greater social good.

And here is the second shadow of the Sovereign; when we feel an extreme need to control ourselves and others, in the complete inability to rely on the process. We want control for the sake of power, of prestige, of personal growth rather than for the manifestation of a kingdom that would gratify on a deeper level. At that point the Sovereign becomes a Tyrant. Traits that emerge in everyone when we can’t find a balance between harmonious enjoyment of life and the necessary discipline to carry out the service; between our own needs and the needs of others.

All of us have come to the point of manifesting our power, and all of us have experienced the temptation that this power sometimes conceals; to use it only for the glorification of the ego.

This is very important - this kind of shadow Sovereign does not manifest itself in our lives because we have too much power, but because we do not have it at all.

The Sovereign is a leader without needing to control over others, recognises his own humanity and recognises that others are also Sovereigns. Confidently experiencing abandonment, and this power transforms pain into light; at this point these people gain the power and ability to pass it on to others beyond narcissistic desires.