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Monthly Archetype

Marco Tesi
September 2020

Self-transformation, design and vision. The Magician is a visionary, an alchemist, a healer.

His vision synthesises a mission into one’s purpose.

Through vision, The Magician creates order.

The way we show up in this spectrum is closely related to our ability to embody courage and responsibility in the face of challenges, specifically when challenges go deep in our shadows, to allow transmutation of our wounds and transformation into more evolved human beings.

After a deepening and emptying work The Magician invites a radical purification of the past, a revolution that takes place in the non-verbal, implicit memories of the body and of the subconscious.

In shadows, The Magician shows up in over-controlling, manipulation and narcissism. A shadow Magician has an embodiment of fear and shame. Those who incorporate these shadows became powerful minds, so The Magician asks you for consciousness and to finally disappear to merge with the Totality.

A deep process of letting go of dogmas and idealisations of who you think you are as they inevitably bring up shadows and resistances preventing us to move forward towards the higher purpose of The King which embraces everything and blends in the totality of this sacred life.

So, The Magician teaches us self-transformation and healing in a sense that the mission of The Warrior and the purpose of The King is not just about us, but rather we are facilitators and channels of higher, divine wisdom.

Yes, the shadows of The Magician that envision and transform shows up in the spectrum of a narcissistic, manipulative, over controlling behaviour.

Your Magician asks you…what are you scared of?