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Monthly Ritual

The Caregiver
Marco Tesi

Dear brothers I greet you with Respect and Love, I invite you to follow this ritual to reconnect with the Healing and the Patience which the caregiver hold within.

This following ritual will help us to reconnect with our ability to “Take Care Of”…for the next month this will be the task, reframe a new way to experience Compassion so to merge the distances between inside and outside, me and you, we and they.

  • Find “your” Plant or a Tree in Nature, that you can go to meet daily for the next 30 days. I believe we can all find 15minutes in our day for it, if that can be difficult I believe it could be a good invitation to think about our daily routines and unconscious habits.
  • Sit in Natural Meditation, start to breathe in your centre, facilitating your breath in through nose and breathe out through mouth; give your thoughts to our Mother and Father.
  • When you feel ready set a prayer, of any kind toward anyone or anything; just do it from the Heart.
  • Start to breathe with the tree or plant while observing them, listen to your intuitions
  • You might want to sing for them or maybe let them listen to a nice song, you might want to talk to them or maybe tell a story with the voice of your mind or even aloud, you might want to give them a warm hug, you might just send…a wave of appreciation and love.
  • I recommend to leave the place with an offer for the plant. It might be some seeds, flowers, food scraps which seem like to be really nourishing for the soil, or you can even bring some gentle water.

This ritual is deeply healing in its own way to bring us towards resistances and judgments, it has the power to uncover a lot, especially intuition and renewal sense of silence within our Hearts. I invite you to do this for the next 30 days.

Trees are the answer.

In their still, quiet, strong and natural state of Peace

In peace

In Lak’Ech

Challenge Questions for you,
Sit with these questions during this period and listen.
Marco Tesi

Glad to be of service,