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Marco Tesi

- How much do I know myself? How do I identify myself? Am I able to fully accept myself? Am I able to let go? What am I willing to do?

- On the evening of the 1st of August get a piece of paper. Write down what is heavy for you in your life. Literally write down everything that right now makes your life feel heavy.

- Make a list of bad habits you have and think about what you can replace them with.

- Every morning and evening from the 1st of August, every single morning and evening get a candle and call your higher self, remember and acknowledge your spiritual side. Place your hands on your heart and say:
“My body is a cup ready to receive our wisdom and knowledge, I am instrument and medicine in service of the Great Mother Earth, of all the living beings on this planet and of my Heart.  Here I am able to welcome only what passes through my Heart.“

- Here is the most important thing. Every day of this month keep an eye on how your days go, nurture presence in every moment with constancy. It might be difficult but accept when you fall into judgements towards others or yourself.

- In the evenings before you sit in front of your candle, acknowledge and write down some ways in which you haven’t honoured your own boundaries, others boundaries, and as many of your shadows that you can think of.

Challenge Questions for you,
Sit with these questions during this period and listen.
Marco Tesi

Glad to be of service,