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Marco Tesi

- Go out in nature, as far as possible from busy streets and bring a fruit with you

- Take off your shoes

- While you are walking, dive deeply into a meditative state and listen beyond what you see or touch, deepening the awareness and the perceptions of what is around you

- In this state put the clear intention to find a Tree, your Tree. This process might take some time, sometimes even weeks. Allow yourself to be patient in order to find the tree that holds the wisdom you need right now.

- Always bring a gift with you for the Mother. A fruit, a seed, a stone or whatever has a meaning for you and donate it to the Mother by burying it. You can even add to it a letter with your desires, your projects or your intentions.

- After that process eat the fruit you brought with you and allow yourself to reconnect with the abundance that surrounds you and your life.

- Once you find the Tree, I invite you to assume a standing position in front of it

- Ask for permission from the Spirit of that space and the Spirit of that Tree to be there, and start to slow down your breath. Here's how it sound like “Me … I’m asking the permission of the guardian Spirit of this space. Me … I’m asking the permission of the guardian Spirit of this Tree. Thank you.”

- Put the intention to come in connection with the soul of that Tree. Look at the roots, at the trunk, at the branches and at the leaves.

- In standing position relax your body and in particular your gluteus, your lower belly and your genitals. In order to facilitate this process I invite you to go in nature with shorts but without underwear. The idea here is to feel free, especially around your genitals to favour the connection with the Mother Earth. If you feel comfortable even take off our shirt. I can guarantee you will feel a massive shift in your body and emotions once you allow yourself to show up in total freedom in nature.

- Now sit down or assume a comfortable position, close your eyes and listen the sensations in your body, dive into a meditative state and place your hands on your heart

- Ask a question to the Tree and then open your eyes … listen by looking at it for however long feels right

- Celebrate the Mother by burying a gift for her

- After that eat the fruit you brought with you and reconnect with the abundance of life that surrounds you

Challenge Questions for you,
Sit with these questions during this period and listen.
Marco Tesi

Glad to be of service,