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Marco Tesi
  1. Create a space within your daily routine to sit in front of a mirror, which can hopefully cover the vision of your body in its entirety.
  2. Start making contact with your inner space through your breathing.
  3. Look at that man, that child, that brother, that friend, that lover in front of the mirror.
  4. Do not try to understand or process the thoughts that arrive, it is a journey entirely within your feelings and body sensations, a journey that takes you to be only a witness of what is present right now.
  5. In witnessing, make a map of the body and recognise which parts of your body speak louder, which physical sensations are present, however without possessing them; use the inhalation through the nose and the exhalation through the mouth to let them evolve.
  6. Let your feelings be associated with emotions, possibly visions and words; develop instinctual body movement to let your sensations relax and develop on their own. We tend to repeat what we do not allow to be experienced fully.
  7. If you feel it, report your experience in words by contextualising any parts of you that are not in alignment.
Challenge Questions for you,
Sit with these questions during this period and listen.
Marco Tesi

Glad to be of service,