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Monthly Ritual

The Seeker
Marco Tesi

Authentic research is the invitation of the Spirit to go through rebirth and transformation, to die to the old and to be reborn to the new.

For this month I propose a practice with the aim of providing connection with some fundamental aspects that come into play when embarking on an authentic path of inner research.

Discipline, humility, and inner openness on facilitating listening without judgments.

All these values facilitate and enhances our ability to switch off the mechanism of egoic projections and ruminant mental thoughts that take us away from embodied presence and therefore from a genuine inner vision. For the next 31 days I invite each of you to find 33 minutes in your day to assume a meditation posture, sitting with an upright spine, and "simply" giving space to silence. Listen to the breath of the spirit, listen to its messages, the directions it can suggest along the way within you and for you. You can facilitate this process of connection by inhaling from the nose and slowly exhaling from the mouth... in doing so you reproduce the sound of your breath in your mind.

This is a powerful practice that might uncover a lot regarding our deep inner world, including emotions. Remember the purpose of this practice is not to dissociate but actually to dive into ourselves to become more present and empowered form the place of our Heart. An authentic journey must pass from here.

Why 33 minutes? It is an important number in numerology and cosmology, its frequency is of strong spiritual inclination going to represent the vibration of the "Inner Master"; it is also recognized as the number of the spiritual gift. In fact, we can find strong connotations between many spiritual and shamanic disciplines with this number. Welcoming this frequency into our daily lives is part of a magical psycho ritual that will unconsciously work with your intention.

Challenge Questions for you,
Sit with these questions during this period and listen.
Marco Tesi

Glad to be of service,