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Marco Tesi

During this month you will begin your ritual from exactly where you finished to work last month. Even this month we will invite our Magician to take part of this process of acknowledging our purpose. So…

  1. For the next 20 minutes get comfortable; inhale from the nose and let go of the mouth. Slowly, you don't have to hyper-ventilate. You will begin a process of purification. "Let go" is the key word... let go of opinions, let go of what you know and of what you want, let go of your profession and your judgments, let go of everything you need and everything you don't need anymore. Following the rhythm of your breath and arrive to forget even who you are. Travel safely in a state of trance. You will create the space to receive direction and guidance from your inner King.
  2. Now is the time to call your inner guidance and reclaim the mastery of your qualities. Take pen and paper, and by calling your inner Lover, your inner boy, you can start to write down the qualities of your deepest, truest essence.
  3. Next write down why those qualities are so important.
  4. Next write down how and when you’re gonna start to bring those qualities into your life and how you’re gonna continue doing so.
  5. Now create a series of statements which include all the elements you listed above, repeat them three times aloud, and hear how each of these resonates in your body. An act of confidence and intimate self-consciousness.

Finally, remember that our purpose can change and get a different shape according to how and when; so deeply listen to your statements, they may provide guidance for a possible change of direction.

Challenge Questions for you,
Sit with these questions during this period and listen.
Marco Tesi

Glad to be of service,