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Monthly Ritual

The Magician
Marco Tesi

The wounded Sovereign goes in search of healing, along a process to reclaim the spark and the fire within. This is where The Magician comes into play as a synonym of transmutation and healing.

He reveals reality beyond the illusion, the invitation of The Magician for this month IS TO PLAY, to learn how to laugh and how to nurture a great sense of irony about things so we don’t get too stuck on what The Sovereign believes must work and must be right.

The Magician opens us to a new frequency of change by inviting us to playful with life, to be open to life and to change with life.

I hope you will all enjoy this ritual:

  • For the next 30 days, choose everyday to do something different from the previous days. One thing you have never done before in your life. Have you ever talked to a stranger at the bus stop? Have you ever eaten that food? Have you ever run or moved in that way? Have you ever ... ask yourself have I ever done this? In the next 30 days you have the opportunity to do 30 different things you have never done before. Forbidden to repeat them, every day for the next 30 days something you have never done. This game is about simplicity, don’t think too big. Run for the sake of running, play for the sake of playing, talk for the sake of talking without goals, promotions, winners and losers.

This is an amazing process that can help you to look at things differently, to change perspective and ignite that flame that is always alive and must be acknowledged in the Sovereign's Heart.

Welcome to the month of The Magician.

Challenge Questions for you,
Sit with these questions during this period and listen.
Marco Tesi

Glad to be of service,