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Marco Tesi
  1. Grab some paper. Divide it in to two columns. On the left you will write your “weaknesses”, and on the right you will write “challenges” that you have experienced or that you are currently experiencing in your life.
  2. After going through the process, repeat Step 1. It doesn’t have to be a list of sufferings or defects, so when you write please remove all judgement. In this second phase, you will write again but with the intention to find a turning point.
  3. After that, write it again! The same modality but as simply as you can. Find key words and make them even more simple. Go to the root cause of every shadow you are experiencing right now.
  4. Now answer the following questions…
  5. Which aspects of yourself did these “challenges” make you see?
    Is it perhaps that life asked you to cultivate always the same thing?
    Who/what are you afraid of being seen as?
    Who/what are you afraid of becoming?
    What are you afraid might not happen?
  6. For the next 20 minutes get comfortable, inhale from the nose and let go from the mouth. Slowly, you don't have to hyperventilate. You will begin a process of purification. "Let it go" is the key phrase...let go of opinions, let go of what you know and what you want, let go of your profession and your expectations, let go of everything you need and everything you don't need anymore. Following the rhythm of your breath until you will forget even who you are in a state of trance. During this process of detachment, you will make important space in order to receive guidance, and anything you truly need will come back to you.
Challenge Questions for you,
Sit with these questions during this period and listen.
Marco Tesi

Glad to be of service,